Warmly Welcome Customers to Visit LSAK Soda Feldspar Factory!

June 05 , 2024

Recently, we had the honor of welcoming clients to visit our soda feldspar production factory. This visit not only allowed clients to gain an in-depth understanding of our production processes and product features but also enhanced their confidence and expectations for future cooperation.

Touring the Workshop: Witnessing the Entire Production Process

Upon arrival, we first held a brief welcome ceremony, introducing the company’s development history, production scale, and product application fields in detail. Subsequently, the clients were led by our professional technicians to tour our production workshop. From the selection of raw materials to the final product shipment, every step is strictly operated according to international standards to ensure the stability and superior performance of our products.

During the workshop tour, clients showed great interest in our automated production line. Our production line uses advanced technological processes to ensure the purity and performance of nepheline products are at the industry’s leading level. Technicians provided a detailed explanation of each production process, particularly emphasizing our stringent control over the high sodium, high aluminum, and low iron content.


High Sodium, High Aluminum, Low Iron Content: Unique Performance Advantages

Our nepheline products stand out in the market with their high sodium and high aluminum content, low silicon, and absence of free silicon. The high sodium content allows the product to reach the ideal sintering temperature more quickly during the firing process, which not only improves production efficiency but also reduces energy consumption. The high aluminum content imparts excellent high-temperature resistance to the product, maintaining stable structure and performance even in high-temperature environments.

Additionally, the low silicon and absence of free silicon characteristics of our products prevent unnecessary byproducts at high temperatures, ensuring the purity and quality of the final product. This feature is particularly important in applications where material purity is critical, such as in ceramics and glass manufacturing.


Translucent Nepheline: Exceptional Optical Properties

Our nepheline also features translucency, showcasing outstanding optical properties. This translucency not only enhances the product’s aesthetic appeal but also increases its functionality in specific applications. For example, in ceramic and glass manufacturing, using translucent nepheline can improve the transparency and glossiness of the products, thereby adding value.

Fast Burning at Lower Temperature: Efficient and Energy-Saving Choice

Due to the unique composition of our nepheline products, they exhibit lower sintering temperatures and faster burning rates. This characteristic not only significantly reduces production costs but also shortens production cycles, thereby increasing efficiency. The low-temperature fast burning feature makes our nepheline particularly outstanding in ceramic manufacturing, becoming an ideal choice for many ceramic manufacturers.

Looking Forward to More Client Visits and Collaborations


During this visit, the clients highly praised our products and production processes. They expressed that through this visit, they not only gained a deeper understanding of our products but also felt confident about future cooperation.

We sincerely look forward to more client visits, hoping that through face-to-face communication, more clients will understand our product advantages and technical strength. We always adhere to the principle of “quality first, customer foremost,” dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services to our clients. 

If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us and schedule a visit. LSAK Feldspar warmly await your arrival!

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