100 Mesh Sodium Feldspar Powder

100 Mesh Sodium Feldspar Powder widely used in Ceramic, Glass and Refractory industry. LSFeldspar belongs to a direct-selling production manufacturer, eliminating intermediaries and making the prices more affordable.


100 Mesh Sodium Feldspar Powder used in Glass industry

Sodium Feldspar of LSFeldspar is an important raw material for Glass industry, It is a silicate mineral, and its unique physical and chemical properties make it an indispensable raw material in glass manufacturing.
100-mesh sodium feldspar enhances the transparency and glossiness of glass, resulting in a clearer and brighter final product. Secondly, it exhibits excellent melting properties, aiding in lowering the melting temperature during the manufacturing process, thereby improving production efficiency and reducing energy consumption.
Sodium feldspar contributes to enhancing the chemical stability of glass, increasing its corrosion resistance, and extending its lifespan. Adding an appropriate amount of 100-mesh sodium feldspar to the glass formulation allows for the adjustment of the glass's coefficient of thermal expansion, enhancing its ability to withstand temperature changes.
100-mesh sodium feldspar not only improves the quality and appearance of glass in the glass industry but also enhances production efficiency and the durability of products. As a result, it has gained widespread usage in modern glass manufacturing.

Specification of 100 Mesh Sodium Feldspar Powder

Al2O3 19.81% Al2O3 is generally 15-18%, ours is 19.81%, high aluminum can burn quickly at low temperatures
SiO2 66.75%
Fe2O3 0.1% Fe2O3  less than 0.1%, low iron can increase whiteness
Na2O 11.2% Na2O with a content of more than 10% is high sodium, and sodium improves the gloss and light transmittance of the product
CaO 0.54%
MgO 0.08
K2O 0.41
TiO 0.03
Whiteness 55° Low iron content will lead to high whiteness, which belongs to high-quality soda feldspar
Sodium feldspar powder from LSFeldspar has the advantages of fast burning at low temperatures, increasing whiteness and gloss

100 Mesh Sodium Feldspar Powder used in Ceramic Industry

Glaze Enhancement: It is a primary ingredient in ceramic glazes, impacting their color, texture, and finish. Influences the glaze's melting point, contributing to the desired visual effects on ceramics.
Body Composition: Incorporated into ceramic bodies to improve plasticity and moldability during shaping. Affects firing characteristics, contributing to the final strength and structure of ceramics.
Fluxing Agent: Acts as a flux during firing, aiding the fusion of raw materials. Assists in lowering the overall firing temperature, optimizing energy efficiency.
Mineral Filler: Used as a mineral filler to enhance the overall composition and properties of ceramics.
Thermal Expansion Control: Helps control the coefficient of thermal expansion, preventing issues like cracking or warping during firing.
Color Development: Contributes to color development in ceramics, influencing the aesthetic appearance of the fired products. With its 100 mesh size, the powder ensures uniform distribution, enabling precise control over ceramic formulations.
In summary, soda feldspar powder plays a multifaceted role in shaping the technical and aesthetic aspects of ceramics within the industry.


100 Mesh Sodium Feldspar Powder used in the Refractory Industry

In the refractory industry, 100 Mesh Soda Feldspar Powder, characterized by its fine particle size, serves pivotal roles.
It is integral in the production of refractory bricks and castables, enhancing their resistance to high temperatures.
This powder contributes to the formulation of refractory materials, ensuring effective thermal insulation and stability under extreme heat conditions.
With its high melting point, it reinforces the durability of refractory linings in industrial furnaces.
The 100 mesh size facilitates uniform distribution, enabling precise control over the composition and properties of refractory products.
Overall, soda feldspar powder plays a crucial part in optimizing the performance and longevity of refractory materials in demanding high-temperature environments within the refractory industry.

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