The Chemical Composition and Different Models of LSFeldspar

November 02 , 2023

Soda feldspar is a common type of feldspar mineral with a higher content of sodium oxide (Na2O) compared to potassium feldspar. It is primarily used as a raw material in the production of ceramics and glass.

Soda feldspar is a complex silicate mineral with its main constituents being aluminum silicate, sodium oxide, and potassium oxide. It typically appears white or light-colored and has a relatively low melting point and good fluxing properties.

Other applications of soda feldspar powder include its use in various industries such as rubber, insulation materials, adhesives, paints, geopolymer applications, the cement industry, the petrochemical industry, and foundries.

The chemical formula of soda feldspar is Na2O·Al2O3·6SiO2. Its theoretical chemical composition is Na2O: 11.8%; Al2O3: 19.4%; SiO2: 68.8%.

The Content of Soda Feldspar in LSFeldspar is:

Al2O3: 19-22%

SiO2: 65% min

Fe2O3: 0.1%±0.05

Na2O: 11%±0.5

CaO: 0.6% max

It is difficult for the albite mineral in nature to reach its theoretical value. The closer the chemical composition of feldspar is to its theoretical value, the purer the feldspar and the better its quality.

LSFeldspar Product Models:

Common models of soda feldspar include:

LASPAR.00.10G and LASPAR.01.00P: These models have coarse particle sizes and are mainly used in the production of glass.

LASPAR.02.00P and LASPAR.03.25P: These models have medium particle sizes and are used in various ceramic applications.

LASPAR.06.00P: This model has a fine particle size and can be used as a filler in coatings.

Apart from these models, there are other models of soda feldspar available, such as LASPAR.08.00P and LASPAR.12.50P. The specific grade of soda feldspar used in a particular application will depend on the requirements of the product being manufactured.

Fluxing Properties of Soda Feldspar:

Feldspar is introduced as a fluxing agent in binders, and as such, it should have a low melting temperature, a wide melting temperature range, relatively high viscosity at high temperatures, and the ability to dissolve other substances. soda feldspar, with a melting temperature range of 1120-1250°C, dissolves quartz, clay, and mica rapidly at high temperatures and has a greater fluxing effect compared to potassium feldspar.

Famous Brand of Soda Feldspar- LSFeldspar:

LSFeldspar is a famous brand in the market, providing an exclusive range of soda feldspar to customers. The feldspar offered is widely used in industries such as ceramics, glass, plastics, and more. The soda feldspar ore is extracted from mines using innovative technology and is tested according to various quality standards. soda feldspar with various particle sizes can be provided according to customer requirements.

LSFeldspar sodium feldspar powder is a clean and white mineral, a perfect combination of silica, aluminum oxide, and sodium. Particularly in the glass manufacturing process, it renders aluminum to enhance the transparency and strength of various types of glass, whether it’s flat glass, decorative glass, insulating glass, or hollow glass.

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