How much does soda feldspar cost per ton, soda feldspar uses and instructions

October 25 , 2023

Soda feldspar is a type of feldspar, a common feldspar mineral, and is sodium aluminum silicate (NaAlSi3O8). soda feldspar is generally a glassy crystal, which can be colorless or white, yellow, red, green or black. Many rocks contain soda feldspar, and people call such minerals rock-forming minerals. soda feldspar is mainly used in the manufacture of ceramics, soap, ceramic tiles, floor tiles, glass, abrasives, etc. It is mainly used in glazes on ceramics.

“China”, this word not only means China, but also means porcelain. Our country is a big country of porcelain, and porcelain has been famous far and wide in ancient times. Among them, glaze is a very important material on porcelain. Glaze makes porcelain rich and colorful and is loved by people from all over the world. The glaze is actually made of feldspar, and a small stone can turn decay into magic. soda feldspar is the most common feldspar. soda feldspar is generally a glassy crystal, and its effect is also relatively large. Glass and ceramics are made from soda feldspar. 


Characteristics of soda feldspar

Soda feldspar has the following characteristics:

• It melts quartz, clay, and mullite quickly at high temperatures and has high solubility.

• Low melting temperature and good transparency.

• The melting temperature range is narrower than that of potassium feldspar, the melt viscosity at high temperature is smaller, and it changes rapidly with temperature.

Soda feldspar uses


In addition to being used as an industrial raw material, soda feldspar minerals account for more than 30% of the ceramic industry’s usage, and are also widely used in chemical and other industries.

• Glass solvent: Feldspar is one of the main components of the glass mixture. Feldspar contains high alumina and low iron content, which can reduce the amount of alkali. In addition, the process of feldspar turning into glass after melting is relatively slow, and its crystallization ability is small, which can prevent crystals from precipitating during the glass formation process and damaging the product. Feldspar can also be used to adjust the viscosity of the glass. Generally, potassium feldspar is used in various glass mixtures. Or soda feldspar.

• Ceramic body ingredients: Before firing, feldspar can act as a barren raw material, reduce drying shrinkage and deformation of the body, improve drying performance, shorten drying time, and can be used as a flux to fill the body during firing. Making the green body dense and reducing voids can also improve the light transmittance of the green body.

• Ceramic glaze: makes the glaze soft and lowers the melting temperature of the glaze.

• Enamel raw materials: Enamel is mainly blended with feldspar and other mineral raw materials, and the blending amount is usually more than 20-30%.

• Others: Potassium and soda feldsparcan also be used as high-quality raw materials for the production of chemical fertilizers.

How much does soda feldspar cost per ton?

The price of a ton of soda feldspar ranges from several hundred yuan. It is recommended that you go to the physical store to inspect it before purchasing. Shop around and decide based on your actual situation.

Soda feldspar is generally suitable for low temperature ceramics

Soda-Feldspar powder

• Before firing, feldspar is a non-plastic raw material like quartz, which can shorten the drying time of the green body and reduce drying shrinkage and deformation.

• Feldspar is the main flux raw material in the base glaze, such as feldspar porcelain. Feldspar accounts for about 25% of the base body and about 50% of the glaze. Its main function is to reduce the firing temperature of the base glaze.

• Feldspar melts into feldspar glass at high temperature, fills between the body particles, and can dissolve other minerals, such as kaolinite, quartz, etc., making the body dense, which helps to improve the mechanical strength and electrical properties of the product. and translucency.

• Soda feldsparhas a greater effect than potassium feldspar in lowering the firing temperature of the glaze, and at the same time it can increase the translucency of the product, but the firing temperature range is not as wide as that of potassium feldspar.

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