High-Purity White Sodium Feldspar Powder for the Ceramic Industry at Best Prices

November 15 , 2023

Sodium feldspar, scientifically known as sodium-rich plagioclase feldspar, stands out as a crucial fluxing agent, prized for its low silica content and elevated levels of alumina and alkali. This mineral’s fluxing properties have far-reaching applications across a multitude of industries, showcasing its versatility and indispensability in modern manufacturing processes.


Sodium Feldspar in Ceramic Production

At the heart of its widespread use lies sodium feldspar’s pivotal role in ceramic production. The demand for high-quality sodium feldspar is robust, particularly in the creation of ceramics that meet stringent standards. A specific variant, characterized by lower Na2O content, typically ranging from 6% to 9%, finds its niche in the manufacture of vitrified brick bodies, adding a layer of specialization to its utility.

Sodium Feldspar as Flux in Ceramics

Within the realm of ceramics, the alkalis embedded in feldspar—namely calcium oxide, potassium oxide, and sodium oxide—function as powerful fluxing agents. In the ceramic industry, the term “flux” denotes the component responsible for forming the glassy phase during firing. Early in the firing process, fluxes undergo melting, creating a glassy matrix that effectively binds the various components of the system. This phenomenon significantly enhances the strength, toughness, and overall durability of the resulting ceramic body.

Maintaining the right proportion of flux within the ceramic body is critical to achieving the desired level of vitrification. Straying beyond this delicate balance can lead to an excessively glassy structure, rendering the fired body brittle and prone to breakage. Herein lies a unique characteristic of feldspar—it lacks a strict melting point. This distinctive feature makes it a preferred fluxing agent in the ceramics industry, as it gradually melts within a specific temperature range. This gradual melting process facilitates the fusion of quartz and clay, allowing for precise control through meticulous blending—a fundamental step in the art of ceramic manufacturing.


LSFeldspar: Pioneering Excellence in Feldspar Supply

LSFeldspar emerges as a seasoned supplier of ceramic-grade feldspar, distinguishing itself in the market. The company’s feldspar proves to be a versatile raw material suitable for an array of ceramic products, ranging from traditional pottery to cutting-edge tiles and sanitaryware. Noteworthy is the low iron oxide content of Li Industries’ feldspar, a testament to their commitment to quality. The company meticulously monitors whiteness using advanced spectrophotometers, leaving no aspect of color-related quality unchecked.

As a leading supplier of sodium feldspar, LSFeldspar boasts ownership of its mining area. The strategic stockpile of at least 1500 tons of raw sodium feldspar blocks ensures the seamless operation of their factory, guaranteeing stable production quality. With a monthly powder production capacity of approximately 2000 tons, Li Industries caters to diverse needs. Their powder offerings span from 100 to 1250 mesh, packaged in bags ranging from 1000 to 1300 kg, showcasing a commitment to flexibility and client satisfaction.

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